23 07, 2019

V2 FerMonster Lid and Oring.

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Version 2 of the FerMonster Lid and oring is out. Ask your retailer about this. Also check our website for videos and more information

27 02, 2018

1 Gal (4 lt) and 3 Gal (11.4 lt) FerMonsters ™ are here

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Our family of FerMonsters ™ have grown, we now have two more sizes to choose from. 1 Gallon and 3 Gallon.  

27 07, 2017

Lid Opener for FerMonster

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We have now released a new product to make life easier when opening the lid after fermentation. Our Lid Opener for FerMonsters will help you with that task. Please check with your retailer for new product.

24 03, 2016

Official FerMonster Release

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We have finally released the FerMonster as of last week, so stay tuned for the arrival of this product at your nearest retailer! Currently, only the 7 Gallon FerMonster has been released, but the 6 Gallon FerMonster should be arriving at your retailer by May. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy [...]

24 11, 2015

Wide Mouth Carboys, FerMonster

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We have decided to name our Wide Mouth Carboys, The FerMonsters. So when you order them make sure it is The FerMonster.

15 11, 2015

Wide Mouth Carboys

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We believe that many of you have seen the ad released for this product, as the reaction we have received has been incredible. As excited as we are to release this product, we have had some unforeseen delays in production. Despite these delays, we are very close to the release and rest assured that these [...]

7 11, 2015

New products

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On our new website we have some new products not yet available, those are: Wide mouth Carboys, Twin roller mill and Hand capper. Those items will be available soon. Stay tuned for more info regarding them.

4 11, 2015


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Hi, Welcome to our redesigned website. Keep visiting us for news about new products

2 11, 2015

Welcome to Our News Section

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Welcome to our brand new news section where you'll be able to get all the latest updates from the Vintage Shop. Stay tuned.